Health & Safety

The goal of PTA's health and safety programming is to be a resource for PTA parents and leaders in partnering with schools to create safe environments which encourage healthy, safe choices and social and emotional support for all students. PTAs have a role in advocating for or supporting health and safety changes at every level of a child's learning environment. When PTAs and schools work together, they can address the health and safety topics most relevant to their local school needs - check out the Chef Ann Foundation as an example. PTA also gives families the tools needed to create an environment at home that supports the positive changes happening at school. Through established partnerships, leveraging of best practice resources, creating educational tools, and providing training, we provide local PTAs with diverse, dynamic, up-to-date tools and resources to use in partnering with schools and engaging families in identifying and addressing barriers to providing healthy and safe learning and home environments.


Family Online Safety Institute’s “How to Be a Good Digital Parent” Program...

is a train the trainer program designed to train PTA leaders to teach parents and caregivers to confidently navigate the Internet with their kids. The program will go through each of the pdf 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting (69 KB) in detail and identify risks and address ways to mitigate the harms so that families can reap the online rewards. It is free for PTA leaders to sign up and they will provide participants with a toolkit that contains:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Instructional Video
  • Answer to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Audience Handouts
  • Presenters Guide

To take advantage of this program, visit