Membership in the Virginia PTA provides the opportunity to participate in the National PTA Reflections program. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the program!  Reflections encourages students to explore the arts and express themselves by giving positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Since it was founded in 1969 by Mary Lou Anderson, millions of students have benefited from this program.

Reflections Awards Program Students in Pre-K through grade 12 create theme-based artwork in dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography or visual arts.

While Virginia PTA does not require you to register your program with National PTA, we recommend it. Visit to register. Once you have registered, you will have access to a digital toolkit of resources from National PTA and the opportunity to connect with other PTA Reflections leaders. Registering will also allow National PTA to share information with you and provide an "End of Program" survey where you can report how many participated and give feedback.

 We ask that you NOT enter your student entries via the online entry portal.  Please submit student entries to your local PTA per the rules listed in the “How to Enter” section of the Student Packet.  

Registration opens July 1, 2018 and will close on February 1, 2019.

Download all of these important Reflections Resources:

document VA PTA Local Leader Guide
(2.24 MB)
pdf VA PTA Local Leader Guide (Spanish)
(651 KB)
document National PTA Student Packet (1.56 MB) - word                                                                                    pdf National PTA Student Packet (549 KB) -pdf pdf
(651 KB)
pdf National PTA Student Packet (Spanish) (574 KB) pdf
(651 KB)
pdf VA PTA Dance Choreography Rules
(197 KB)
pdf VA PTA Film Production Rules
(182 KB)
pdf VA PTA Literature Rules
(191 KB)
pdf VA PTA Music Composition Rules
(171 KB)
pdf VA PTA Photography Rules
(191 KB)
pdf VA PTA Visual Arts Rules
(189 KB)
pdf VA PTA Special Artist Rules
(188 KB)
pdf National PTA Fillable Poster  (3.13 MB)

Would you like to help National PTA pick out a future Reflections theme?  If yes, download our Theme Search packet here.  All Reflections themes are submitted by students!  Each local unit may submit to Virginia PTA 5 suggested themes by December 1, 2018.  We will vote on our top 5 to submit to National and they will choose one for the 2020-2021 Reflections theme.  The winning student receives $100 from National PTA.

document Theme Search Packet
(1.56 MB)
pdf Theme Search Packet (Spanish) (668 KB) document
(1.56 MB)

Students who participate in VAPTA programs, must be from a PTA or PTSA that is in good standing. This includes, bylaws up to date, dues paid by November 1, and as per National for Reflections, updated  insurance information.