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About Virginia PTA

The Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers, better known as the Virginia Parent Teacher Association (PTA), is the largest and oldest non-partisan volunteer child advocacy association in Virginia.  

Chartered by the National PTA in 1921, the primary goal of the Virginia PTA is to strengthen our family units, our schools and our communities through parent/family involvement and to advocate for resources and funding to enable academic success of ALL children in the Commonwealth. PTA recognizes parents as the first educators in the home and works to promote parents as partners in the school in order to create a critical bridge between home and school.

The Virginia PTA serves 175,000 members and supports more than 4,000 volunteer PTA Officers across more than 940 of Virginia's schools. Managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership, the VA PTA is one of the largest Congresses of the 54 Congresses in the National PTA. The Virginia PTA is an integral part of the National PTA, serving as the liaison between the local unit and the National PTA, helping each to function effectively and to support and sustain the other.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to anyone who believes in the National PTA Mission and Purpose. The PTA is committed to being inclusive in its efforts to represent and assist all who nurture and educate children. Every person who joins a local PTA automatically becomes a member of both the state and national PTA. Each of the more than 175,000 members in the 940 plus local units of the Virginia PTA, has an opportunity to help direct and formulate PTA efforts and direction.


While subject to the National PTA bylaws and policies, the Virginia PTA is self-governing - a separate and independent entity as established by state bylaws. Likewise, the PTA at the local level is self-governing, linked to one another through the state and National PTA forming a nationwide network of adults working for all children and youth.

As an example, a key objective of parental involvement for the Virginia PTA and the National PTA is advocacy. Advocacy efforts improve laws, policies, and conditions on behalf of children, whether in your community or at the state and federal levels. Each year, the state and National PTA develop respective Legislative Programs addressing issues affecting children's education and programs in the current general assembly/congressional session and are the priority of state and federal legislative advocacy at the current time.