The Virginia PTA would like to express our Congratulations to all of the participants in this year's Reflections Program.  

When you explore what you have and express what you feel, the Arts will reward you in so many ways and this program is just one way of doing so. For 50 years, the National PTA's Reflections Program has helped students explore, create, value, develop, and find their true talents. We applaud and congratulate all of our Virginia students for their creativity in the arts.

For winners at the state level, please go to the award list below and you will find names, categories, and placements.

pdf 2018-19 Reflections Award List (827 KB)

The theme for the upcoming school year is Look Within. We hope to see you as a Reflections participant next year. If your school doesn't participate, please reach out to Virginia PTA for guidance on how you can set up this valuable program.

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Donna Colombo, President

 karen p signature 40

Karen Peterson, Chair
Arts in Education Committee

2018-2019 Heros Around Me Gallery

Dance Choreography

 Primary School Division Nicholas Tao In Memory of Link 
 Intermediate School Division Cambrie Belak Coming Home  
 Middle School Division Alexandria Tabor Connection  
 High School Division Emily Pryce My Brothers Are My Heros  
 Special Artist Division  Liza Hall Waiting for My Dad  

Film Production

 Primary School Division  Piper Holland Piper's Best Superheros to the Rescue!  Link
 Intermediate School Division  Mason Mirabile Through Your Eyes  
 Middle School Division  Scott Langston Attack on Pearl Harbour  
 High school Division  Erin Kennedy A Whole New Outlook  
 Special Artist Division  James Aiden Riley Some Kid's Heros Wear a Cape; Mine Wears A US Army Uniform  


Primary School Division   Cecilia Griffith Firefighters Save the Day Link
Intermediate School Division  Avery Brecke Milo To The Rescue  
Middle School Division  Hailey Crusenberry We Were Fought For  
High School Division  Anna Chung The Helper  
Special Artist Division  Benjamin Breaux I See The Heros Around Me  

Music Composition

Primary School Division  Madison McBeth Clouds of Heroes Faces Link
Intermediate School Division Ashton Nostheide Heroes Around Me  
Middle School Division Peter Hinckley Superhero  
High School Division Jonathan Petrini Kaleidoscope  
Special Artist Division Mary Hatcher Heroes Around Us  


Primary School Division Riley Zwiselsberger Heroes All Around Me Link
Intermediate School Division Ally Burrow My Tiny Champion  
Middle School Division Elliot Beazley The Heart  
High School Division Piper Finkelson A Son's First Hero  
Special Artist Division Mychael Willon The Heroes Around Me Are Real  

Visual Arts

Primary School Division Alasdair Hackworth Future Heroes: You Can Be A Hero Too Link
Intermediate School Division Marcela Stambaugh Hero Magic Cube  
Middle School Division Ashley Chi Breaking Through the "Wall"  
High School Division Genesis Guerrero My Hero is Hope in Life  
Special Artist Division  Benjamin Elmore  Always Believe in Yourself