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Are you are interested in becoming a member of the Virginia PTA Board of Managers? Now is the time to apply! Not sure? Think about applying for a committee member-at-large position to experience state board work.

Virginia PTA Nomination Packet and Web Form

2017-2019 Term - Officer and Committee Chair Application

Virginia PTA Nominations and Leadership Committee (NLDC) is seeking individuals for officer and committee chair positions for the elected term 2017-2019.  To be considered for an officer position, a person must have served for one term on the Board of Managers. To be considered for a committee chair position, one must be a PTA member. Officers will be elected during the Virginia PTA Annual Conference, July 13 - 15, 2017 and standing committee chairs will be elected by the Board of Managers at their post-Annual Conference meeting.

Nomination packets are due to the NLDC Chair no later than March 15, 2017.


  • President-Elect
  • 1st Vice President of Training
  • 2nd Vice President of Membership
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Committee Chairs

  • Advocacy (formerly Legislation/Education)
  • Arts in Education
  • Bylaws
  • Communications
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Extension
  • Family Engagement
  • Health & Safety

In accordance with the 2016 Virginia PTA Bylaws, Article 6: Officers and their Election, Section 4.  The following provisions shall govern the qualifications and eligibility of persons to be officers of Virginia PTA:

a. Each officer shall be a member of a local PTA/PTSA unit in good standing in Virginia.

b. No person shall serve more than one (1) term in office of president or president-elect. A person shall not be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the office of vice president, secretary or treasurer. A person who has served in an office for more than one-half (1/2) of a full term shall be deemed to have served a full term in such office. A full term shall be defined as serving from one (1) election year annual meeting to the next election year annual meeting.

c. A person may be nominated for president-elect, vice president, secretary or treasurer only if he/she has served on the Board of Managers for at least one (1) term.

d. No person shall serve on the Board of Managers in more than one (1) capacity for more than sixty (60) days, unless the current term expires within six (6) months following the election.

e. No person shall hold more than one (1) elected office at a time on this state board.

Specific questions should be addressed to: Scott Rhyne, NLDC Chair, at

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