Learning Everlastingly

INSTALLING OFFICER (to assembly): Solon, the great philosopher of Ancient Greece, said:  “I grow old learning everlastingly.” This is the feeling we have in the ____________________ PTA (PTSA). This constant learning is what we want for our children and for ourselves.

What is learning? For us it is a constant open-mindedness to change and to new ideas. It is keeping up with world affairs and progress in all areas, so that we can truly understand the world our children will live in. Learning more about our world and each other draws us closer together.

We need to learn more about PTA and how to work effectively for children and youth. The best guide is the statement of the Purposes. For more than sixty years these Purposes have sparked activities that have brought major benefits to our children.

Will you please rise while I read the Purposes? (Members rise and then are seated.)

We have learned much from our successes and failures. We learn by doing as well as by example. Our leaders should provide the example inspiring and teaching, so that we may each leave a small mark on PTA history. Leaders of ability follow good leaders everlastingly.

Will the officers for the _____ school year please come forward? (Calls positions and names.)

I am proud to present those who will lead the ____________________ PTA (PTSA) in the year ahead.

TO THE OFFICERS: Do you pledge to uphold the Purposes of the PTA and to lead wisely with courtesy and justice for all.


INSTALLING OFFICER (to members): Do you pledge your faithful assistance and encouragement to the officers you have elected willingly cooperating with them and accepting their leadership in the work for children and youth.


INSTALLING OFFICER (to officers): I now declare you duly installed officers of the ____________________ PTA (PTSA).