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Welcome, PTA Members and Advocates!

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! By joining your local PTA/PTSA, you are also joining Virginia PTA and National PTA. We are all part of PTA, the oldest, largest, child advocacy association in the country. PTA provides a history and accomplishments that support the connection between effective engagement, academic achievement, health and safety for all children. Many issues and challenges face our students and families today, and this is our moment to make a difference in their lives.

I truly believe of all groups, all organizations, all associations, we are the most nurturing. We were founded by mothers, by parents, by those who nurture. We are parents, teachers and supporters. It is in our nature to nurture. And that is what separates PTA from any other group. We have that strength to share our support and knowledge and we will go to great lengths to stand up, to speak up for our children – for all children.
When I look at our officers and board members, I see a group of dedicated folks with the greatest desire to support you, our PTA leaders and members. Virginia PTA will reach out to serve our PTAs/PTSAs across Virginia. We will be there to nurture you; there to provide the tools you need; there to support you; there to understand you; there to talk with you; there to help you grow. And, so, our theme is simply, "Grow."

While we can give you the seeds, you are the one that must plant those seeds and nurture your PTAPTSA. With your help, we hope to see our members blossom into effective advocates and informed PTA/PTSA members. And, together, we will see all children grow.

I look forward to serving you and invite you to grow with us!

Jane Brooks
Virginia PTA 2015 - 2017